10 photo gift ideas for man

photo gift ideas man

If you’re looking for unique photo gift ideas man, you’re in the right place! The list below contains 10 unique photo gift ideas and we guarantee there’s an idea in here that is perfect for the guy that you have in mind. It doesn’t even matter what kind of relationship you have with him: romantic, professional, familial. Some of these photo gifts are perfect for your husband or boyfriend, some are great for your boss, when you don’t know what you should buy.

We also believe there’s a gift idea in here for all personality types, so read the list to see which one of these photo gifts is perfect for your guy.


And now it’s time to talk about photo gifts ideas for men. Though women are generally more interested in photo gifts than men, below you’ll find some inspired ideas that guys actually like

1. Vintage car photo prints

photo gift ideas vintage car

Guys and cars – you know the story. If your boyfriend is an old-school, vintage-loving guy, find an artsy picture of his favorite vintage car and offer that as a gift. It would look fantastic as a metal print, and if you’re located in Europe, you can order it directly through zor.com

2. A photo print from a trip

travel memory photo print

The perfect gift for the man in your life is a picture of a place that you’ve been to, together. He can hang it in the house and it will always remind him of vacation or that city trip that you’ve been on. It would be ideal to print a picture that you or him has taken during the trip, but if you don’t have a good camera, you can always find a picture online that suits the requirements. For example, if you’ve been to Paris together for the honeymoon, you can order a print of the Eiffel Tower.

3. Map

gift idea for men

Maps are a very safe choice, because they’re the perfect accessory to any office. There are so many options, though! There are world maps, regional maps, city maps, illustrated maps, black and white maps, colored maps and so on. The size of the map is another issue. When in doubt, go for a medium size. Also, here’s a fun idea: order the map on forex, so you guys can stick some pins to all the places and countries that you have seen.

4. Superhero portrait

photo gift ideas superhero portrait

Credits: FunpopStudio

Show your admiration for your man by turning him into a superhero character from his favorite comics or movie. This is a fun gift that any fan of Marvel or DC Comics will absolutely love. Now how do yo do that? Go for Etsy! This is my favorite listing of superhero portrait.

5. Architecture metal prints

photo gift ideas metal prints

There’s something classy and timeless about architectural photography. Think about an iconic building from your city or from somewhere else. Bonus points if your architectural piece has a personal meaning or a story. Architecture looks wonderful on metal, it just works.

6. Framed letter print

This is not necessarily a photo print, but it would make a very thoughtful and quite personal gift. It’s a the nicest way to add a subtle personal touch to a living space. To make it extra special, find a vintage letter poster, letter art or monogram art.

7. Movie character/ poster print

Finding the perfect gift is easy if you know the person’s passions and preferences. Something as casual as a talk about favorite movies could inspire you to make a great gift. Lots of guys are crazy about Star Wars, so they would love a framed print of Darth Vader, BB8, Yoda or the Death Star.

8. Gift ideas man: personalized photo album

photo album

This is very sweet and thoughtful gift that is quite intimate, and which will require you to invest some time in it. Select photos from the beginning of your relationship until the present moment, order them chronologically and write notes for each photography.

9. Artistic shot of musical instrument/ favorite band

photo gift ideas: music poster

Looking for a gift for a musician or music lover? Then it’s easy. Order a wall art print that features his favorite band performing on stage. Or go for a more abstract idea: a picture or drawing of a musical instrument.

10. Illustration of favorite beverage: beer / wine

wine photo print

Nothing says buddies like beer, at least in my world. This is a great gift for coworkers and friends who like this beverage. If they are passionate about a different kind of drink, let that be the subject of your photo print.

So… this is it. I hope you found some inspiration reading this article. Please let me know in comments if you have any other photo gift ideas for men, and don’t forget to check our post regarding photo gift ideas for women.