10 photo gift ideas for woman

photo gift ideas men women

Do you need help to find the perfect gift for a woman? No worries, we have a list of unique photo gift ideas that’s perfect, because it works for close friends and family members, but also for someone who you don’t know well. And in case you were wondering, it also includes gift ideas for someone you just started dating.


Below you have some creative photo gift ideas that are suitable for any woman or girl: your best friend, wife, colleague, sister, mom, or girlfriend.

1. Photo print on acrylic glass

photo printed on glass

Acrylic photo prints look like photos printed directly on glass, but actually, they are printed on acrylic plexiglass that’s non-breakable. You can order an acrylic portrait of your girlfriend or a picture in which you both appear. Just make sure you pick a picture she actually likes. Family portraits are also a great idea, if you are related.

2. Abstract wall art

abstract photo gift idea

This is a fantastic idea for a woman you don’t know that well, or for a friend who’s into abstract art. It can also be a great gift for female boss who has everything. You can find plenty abstract illustrations on Etsy. That’s a great place to find unique images. Think about what that person likes and let that inspire you in your choice of colors and art.

3. Custom drawing from photo

photo gift idea portrait drawing

Credits: drawdylan

Custom illustrated portraits have a personal touch, so they are a great gift for mothers, sisters, girlfriends and BFFs. Pick a picture of the two of you and hire an artist whose custom portraits you really like. There are many different styles, from illustrations inspired by the photo to high fidelity pencil portraits or watercolor portraits. Again, a great place to find an artist is Etsy.

4. Photo collage

Make a creative photo collage by assembling different photos in a certain shape. It can be a country shaped photo collage, a number, a letter or anything else that you find interesting.

5. One image across multiple frames

photo across multiple frames

Print a favorite photo across several panels for a powerful effect. This type of photo printing looks best for It sounds like something difficult to accomplish, but it really is not that hard because we have a tutorial. Offer this gift to a woman that you want to impress and let it slip that you did the design yourself.

6. Turn her Instagram feed in photo prints

Instagram photo prints

It’s probably the first time you ever heard about this idea, but it’s a pretty great one, actually. If she has a beautiful Instagram feed that she’s proud of you should turn that into wall art. Order a set of 3, 4, 6 or 9 square prints on a fancy material or frame the regular photo prints. Here’s a tutorial that will teach you how to download and print Instagram photos.

7. Pet portraits

If the beneficiary of the gift is a pet owner, you should simply find a great picture of the pet, print it and frame it. It’s that easy!

8. Photo locket necklace

photo gift necklace

This is a gift for the girlfriend (if you’re in a serious relationship) or wife. It’s a very thoughtful gift for a very special person, because she will get to wear the necklace with your photo close to her heart.

9. Pop art portrait

pop art portrait

Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the mid-1950s. Andy Warhol’s portrait of Marilyn Monroe is an iconic pop art painting, which has inspired many other artists. You can make your own pop art portrait. This is a great gift for an artist.

10. Personalized tote bag

gift idea personalized tote

Credits: Inkishop

While walking around with your face sticked to a bag is tacky, there are still many ways to make personalized tote bags. Here are some ideas: a favorite landscape, landmark, an illustration or a child’s drawing (for moms).

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