Gallery wall examples, ideas and tips

A gallery wall is a collection of photo prints, illustrations or artwork, carefully selected, arranged and displayed on a single wall. The concept has been around ever since the early days of photo printing, but gallery walls have become more and more popular over the last few years. And no wonder! A gallery wall is a great, unique way to personalise a space, express your creativity, reveal your aesthetic style, and bring a plain wall to life.

If you’re planning to create a gallery wall in your home, you will probably start by searching for examples and ideas. So we made a collection of stunning gallery wall examples to inspire you in your next project. We’re also ready to share some tips with you.

Gallery wall ideas

  • Eclectic mix and match

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    We’ve all seen eclectic, whimsical gallery walls on Pinterest that made us swoon. They are inspired combinations of multiple image sizes, of quotes with photos, of coloured images with black and white pictures, with patterns or splashes of colours. You’ll often see jewellery, letters, frameless prints or mirrors added to the mix! At first, some of them appear random, but the best eclectic gallery walls are highly stylised. The art prints are carefully selected to complement each other and to get beautiful contrasts.


  • Symmetrical, cohesive compositions

    Those of you who are left-brain dominated probably prefer the symmetrical, uniform, more organised gallery walls. No problem! Here are some tips for you:
    Choose a theme for all your prints (architecture, botanical, family photos, Instagram photos etc) and a single colour palette. Make sure you stick with one / two image sizes and select matching frames.
    Finally, arrange your prints in rows, or place them on your wall using an imaginary grid to get that organised layout look.


  • Mosaic – One image across multiple frames

    For a gallery wall that really stands out, you should have a single image span across multiple frames or prints. This works great for lounge areas and offices, where there’s little other decorations, because the image collage will certainly make a statement. The photo mosaic will become the focus of attention even in a big space. It guarantees a high-end effect to any room or space where it is displayed.


Gallery wall examples

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This is a perfect wall collage composition, with art frames covering the entire wall!


You can make a collage of frames look truly magnificent on any sized wall by adding a single colour background – in this case blue. The effect is incredibly chic!


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If you love neutrals, and you decorated your room with soft warm tones, you can stick to a similar colour palette in your wall art.


  • The artwork/ image size is very important. If you want to display fewer pieces in your gallery wall, order big photo prints. Using wall art that is too small will create a sense of imbalance in the room, so take the size of the wall into consideration. If you want to display a large number of images, you can print smaller images.
  • When working on a gallery wall that features multiple image sizes, start with the biggest image of the bunch, and build the rest of the wall collage around it.
  • Before you start hanging your gallery wall, do a mockup in Photoshop. It will save you a lot of time and headaches.
  • Hang your wall art without butchering your walls with nails! Order your wall art prints from and add some hanging strips to your cart. It’s so easy!
  • And here’s one final recommendation: be original, don’t try to recreate someone else’s gallery wall. Do you!

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